Thursday, August 26, 2004

Preface: Don't hate me. I have a good reason for being half-assed about posting. I've been in the dregs of slavery. Indentured servitude. Working for the man. Or, more appropriately, A man. One man. One very specific man. My good ol' boss. So, some interesting things that have taken my time:

-Buying yogurt for my boss.
-Dropping off and picking up my boss's wife's garments to be altered.
-Returning my boss's wife's Dolce & Gabana high heels.
-Returning my boss's wife's James Jeans.
-Returning my boss's wife's... you get the idea.
-Getting my boss tea (GREEN. TEA! No more green tea? ENGLISH. BREAKFAST!!).
-Fetching my boss bananas.
-Buying my boss a salad with Asian. Ginger. Dressing.... ontheside!

OK. So I've done some other really cool stuff, too. Aside from my intensely dense admin. duties, I really do get exposure to interesting people and amazing work product. I'd say that for every 2 hours I work my little ass off (photocopying, filing expense reports, balancing the department budget, getting yogurt, doing whatever anyone in the entire department wants me to do for them at that very instant), I get access to really unbelievably cool stuff for 20 minutes. So a 1:6 ratio. Is it worth it? I often ask myself this question. What say you? For now, I think I'm good. I realy don't mind the admin. stuff. I will admit, though, that it's intense. The pressure is crazy and, when he feels particularly batty, my boss can be particularly insulting and cruel (though neither I nor anyone else should take it personally, because he's a really sweet guy deep down). So for now, I keep my eyes and ears open, learn as much as I can, and happily accept the check that pays my rent. Can't wait 'til I garner respect of my own... Hm.

Moving on, I am very happy for her G-ness that she has found a job that she enjoys. Hurray. OK, I'm sure somebody, somewhere needs yogurt (i.e., frozen sugarless ice cream icycles)...


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Significant other C. is out of town for one whole week. I must admit that I am already missing my wonderful C-ness. Waaa. Worse yet, C. gets to be in Los Angeles where the weather is undoubtedly beautiful. Any suggestions as to what I can do to take my mind off this fact would be greatly appreciated. After reading this, I shit my pants. Then after that, I told C. to keep a watchful eye on the flight to LA. Ay.


Well, here it has passed many a day since I last blogged. What else is new? Work is crazy busy. What else is new (you ask)? Oh! My awesome friend Gina got a new job. A cool new job. And not a job that she hates. Phatty. Oh yeah, and the timeline on which she dropped her old job and gained aforementioned new one was/is majorly impressive. True to her good ol' college days form, she totally procrastinated in finding a new job. She knew that she would end her crap job on Wednesday. End of day on said Wednesday, she still had no definitive place to go. 30 minutes after end of said (work) day: she gets a call that work begins tomorrow. Damn. That's smarts. I remember running to Gina many times during our 4-year stay on the Upper West Wide of the Roaring Lions, pulling my hair out because I would have a 30 page paper due in two weeks. Her usual response would be, 'You have two. whole. WEEKS. to finish it?!' As if to say, chill the fuck out. Procrastination, thy name is Gina. I bow before your awesome brilliance. May you never change...


Friday, August 06, 2004

Nicoles Nixes Neverland (aka Freakville)

Please. I may not know who she'll be walking down the red carpet, but I know where she eats.

Look at this thing. I just wanna pick Jerry up and SQUEEZE him. Lovingly, of course. Gina knows what I'm talking about (see Monday, May 10th's "vodka and spandex").

C. and I are getting the hizell out of dodge tonight and leaving for the "more down to earth" Amagansett. They still drink and pass out on the beach down on good ol' Earth. As far as I know. They do, right? Uh oh. Wonder if we'll have to meet Paris Hilton in East Hampton. Right.


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I have not forsaken the three who roll my log...

What can I say? I opted to be lazy at blogging rather than opting to be lazy at work. Work's definitely kept me busy as of late. My social life has also been pretty active, so any time in front of the computer has been pretty much work-related. Anyway, here's some stuff that went down since last I whined:

* Had an awesome dinner here with C. and three others. Some hushed nothings could be heard from C and friends. I had no idea what they said, but I knew they were saying that some celebrity was 'right over there.' Lifted my head and saw Nicole Kidman chowing down with the Interview Magazine editor (crazy glass wearing lady) Ingrid Sischy. I was literally sitting six feet from NK and was seated as such (at a round table) that I could look at her directly merely becuase she was in my unobstructed line of sight. Probably the best sighting I've had to date. The funniest part was watching the paparazzi gather slowly but surely all night long. By the time she was getting up there must have been 40 photog's. The instant she stepped out the door, flash bulbs were going crazy. Weird. But cool. Good restaurant, too.

* I spent about 5 hours trouncing around NYC one day, looking for a (VERY) specific pair of PUMA sneakers that my boss wanted. Of course, noone had them. Went to about 10 stores. Each said they were sold out. Great. Finally I called significant other C. (in an extremely pissed-off state) begging for help in my search. Thanks to C. and the internet, I found a rather ghetto store that actually had them in stock. Boss was happy. Hurray for creative industry jobs.

* C. and I thought we would have a serious film night, so we decided to see Fellini's La Dolce Vita at the super I'm-such-a-die-hard-film-aficianado-person theater. Uhm. I wish that I'd know this movie was 180. Freakin'. Minutes. Long! Oh yeah. I also wish that I'd been informed that this film was the most self-endulgent, whiny, neverending, boring, lame (not to mention mundane and not the least bit romantic) piece of overrated crap on the face of the planet. C. and I got so effin' antsy that we abandoned the movie 25 minutes before it was over. We now refer to anything boring and seemingly unending as "La Dolce Vita." Al Sharpton giving a speech that runs too long? La Dolce Vita. Grocery store line not moving? La Dolce Vita. Traffic got you down? La. Dolce. Vita. Mom lecturing you about getting a real job? Say it with me now. At least C. and I got an inside joke out of the horrible experience.

* I had a dream that my brother and I were: 1) separated by a wall with a locked door; 2) each armed with a gun, and; 3) trying to kill each other with said guns. Wonder what it means?