Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Is that a spider?

Oh, man. The nastiest shit just happened to one of my bosses. He found a spider in his salad. Not even a small one. BIG. And intact. When my boss showed it to all of us, I almost dry heaved. It’s really disgusting—complete with long dangly legs. I don’t think I’ve ever been so repulsed. So now I’m not really hungry for lunch. In the least. Hurray for fasting.

In other news, my miserable professor gave me my final exam grade last night. While I was working on my final project, she yelled out my name and asked me if I wanted to have my grade. So I said, ‘yes.’ Naturally, she began to moan about how she hadn’t taken her break yet. So I told her that I’d be happy if she took her break and would be fine with waiting until after to get my grade. She then retorted that it would be fine and that she didn’t have much to say about my exam. Hm. That’s either really good or really bad, I though. Turned out to be really good. Her only comments were that it was “excellent” and that there was “nothing wrong with it at all.” Wow. I was floored. Even her miserable-ness couldn’t get me down. The “A” spoke for itself. Sweeeeet. So now all I have to do is finish my final project, and I’m home free. Until summer classes start in late May. Heh.

What else? The reign of terror continues at work. My bosses are in full on freak out mode, what with their business travel ever fast approaching. I think they’re afraid of being away from the office. They probably sense that we’ll actually enjoy ourselves and have real lunch breaks in their absence. God forbid we actually eat food and enjoy each others company. Ahhh, mothereffer, As I type this sentence, an EXTREMELY annoying old man (who works for my department) will not stop talking to me. He has his moments of being pleasant and all, but he’s pretty much an Alzheimers patient that hasn’t been properly diagnosed yet. For some reason, he always comes to me to be babysat. Just go away. Sit down in the kitchen, eat your food, and collect your paychecks. Thanks. Gooh. Now I’m aggravated. I need to take a breather before I post more.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Blowin’ me up with her love

Hello, All. Happy Monday to you. I don’t really feel like I had a true weekend, as I worked most of Sunday. It’s all in preparation for Wednesday when many of my bosses head for that faraway land known as Europe. That’s good news for Drone. I’ll get to be in the office with people that I respect, admire, and think are cool and will be able to catch up on work that I can’t usually do because I’m being interrupted and bothered all the time.

Feeling very tired. I invited Good Kisser (G.K.) over for viewings of The Simpsons and The Family Guy. Much good kissing was had by all. I’m getting a little worried though. GK is definitely in to me. And I’m definitely into GK. However. I am still technically dating (albeit on a non-exclusive basis) my ex: C. So. I wonder how long I have to be doing this good kissing before I owe it to C to say that I must only be kissing GK. Ugh. I almost hope that GK and I don’t get that serious (ever) so that I never have to confront that scenario. Blah.

After watching the tube, I crashed. Am very tired today and pretty unmotivated to do any work. I seriously have the urge to go drinking and fornicate in public with GK. Damn you, Monday. Blast you to bloody hell. Where are you hiding, Friday? Where??

I'm on my fifth cup of coffee today. And yes, MG, I am an addict.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sundays at work

Man, they're my favorite. That's the only reason I'm able to post today. Friday was a busy day at work, so I had not time to post. But I'm in today, so that makes up for my slacking.

The Drone news. Friday night, Cool Brit had her birthday celebration at a hip downtown bar. In my drunken stupor of post-exam bliss on Wednesday night, I invited my good kisser to come with. So basically, Cool Brit's birthday bash was my second date with good kisser. I inadvertantly exposed Good Kisser to the jusdgement of my friends and associates. Turned out to be a great night. Good Kisser passed with flying colors, and I really had a lot of fun. But. I lost my full pack of cigarettes. Note to stupid self: stop. losing. things. Post haste! I am definitely going through a phase where I lose things for no good reason. I really can't wait until it's over. Seriously, people.

Good Kisser and I spent the night at the ol' Good Kisser abode. But I didn't really spend much time sleeping, if you know what I'm getting at. And I think you do. Woke up and basically spent the whole day chilling with G.K. It was one of those rainy, shitty days in the City, so we just walked around and then watched movies.

Today, alas, I'm at work. But I'm getting ready to leave the office now. Not a terrible weekend all in all. However, I have been severly traumatized by this scam of mythic proportions. Just. so. wrong. Oh, Katie. My little Katie. Why have you sold your soul? Why? Oh, well. Your career was fun while it lasted.