Friday, July 29, 2005


Reason number 8,562 that I love my new job: half-day Fridays. So su-weet. Yeah. My boss took an early day yesterday en route to a weekend excursion. So I'm pretty much by myself, waiting until lunchtime when I can skidattle. This new job has really opened my eyes to the fact that you don't have to work in a horrible environment with miserable people... at least not forever. I feel like my last job, with such a tyrant diva of a boss, was character building. I have endless stories of the ridiculous and bizarre--priceless for rooftop party icebreakers and bartime talk. But seriously, I'm getting paid MORE money to work LESS hours with AWESOME people doing exactly what I want. OK. Enough bragging. I'm just sayin'.

Classes. My classes for the summer have ended (reminder: I'm pursuing a professional degree part-time during the week nights). The Fall semester doesn't gear up until August 29th. So that means I have a whole month of freed up week nights. What to do, what to do? Classes are great. They keep me in the mix of pursuing knowledge, and they provided a good excuse to leave work at a decent hour during times of extreme isanity (I'm speaking from prior experience at old crazy job). So I'll be free for a little while. Think I might take a weekend vacation somewhere. We'll see.

Dating. I've been going on a lot of first dates lately. Pretty much all of them have been OK. Just OK. Not stomach flippinlgy great. Not catastrophic trainwrecks either. Just... nyeh [insert shoulder shrug here]. I finally finalized my breakup with my ex C. I've been making a concerted effort since February (when C and I broke up) to be friendly and hang out; however, thist past week I told C that I might be able to give it another shot. Not gunna happen though. I can just feel it. I dunno. It's probably for the best, but there's just something you have for certain people. It's been damn hard for me to let of that something for C. So my solution is to find someone great to get my mind off of it. Easier said than done. Easier said than done.

Alright, I'm getting back to work. Have an awesome weekend, cubscouts.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

'I'm sorry' really doesn't cover it

Wow. No. Double wow. I cannot believe how long it has been since Drone's last post. Shameful is the word. Yes. That covers it. Here's the story, you amazingly wonderful thirteen people who seem to still be checking me out. One day, a day unlike any other miserable day at work (my boss screaming at me to get him an iced latte and return his wife's two-month-old panties for a full refund), Drone attempted to log onto Blogger in order to post when... POOF! Just like a rug being pulled out from underneath him, the Internet as Drone formerly knew it had gone. In short, horrible employer restricted access to everything but roughly 20% of the Internet. No blogging, hardly any personal emailing... kaput. Nada. No dice. And just like that, it seemed Drone was finished. Well. He was. But. So much has happened since May 3rd. Lemme tell ya.

Most importantly, Drone say sayonara to his horrible employers! That's right. I quit!!!! Because I got an amazing job elsewhere. And that's where I find myself today. Yup. I love it love it love it so much that I might make out with it. So much better than the prison from whence I came. That's the major news and the explanation for why I wasn't blogging and why I can now.

Again, a ton's happened but I've parted ways with below-mentioned good kisser (GK). GK turned out to have another skill--that of stalking and getting all clingy on Drone's ass. So I said I decided to get back with my ex- (lie) and said another sayonara. That's that. I'm single and on the market once again. Oh bliss. What else.

I'm soooo happy that her royal highness, Her Majesty Viagina, has returned to NYC. This weekend's her birthday celebration, and I'm so there. I'm also so here for you guys. I must warn that I seriously love my new job, so I rarely if ever do personal stuff on the computer. But I will post as often as I can. Missed you guys. Welcome back and if ever I'm MIA again, please feel free to peruse the sites of the awesome folks to the right.