Friday, February 10, 2006

A-tisket a-tasket...

Hey, folks out there in the expansive land of the Internets. I've been anything but a diligent blogger as of late. And here's why!

A green and yellow basket:

Work's been cuuurazy, man. For serious. Lots of shiznit to do. Same old story there. Finishing a major push to get over this part of the work cycle. Come next Friday, the easy beginning of a new cycle begins.

I wrote a letter to my love:

My l.0. (love interest... aka T) and I have been steadily moving forward. Dates, drinks, sleepovers... oh my. T asked me about two weeks ago to go exclusive. With nothing else in my green and yellow basket, I acquiesced and said, 'Yes.' Joking aside, I'm really happy I did so and am looking forward to what happens.

And on the way I dropped it I dropped it:

Last Wednesday, T left the City for Chicago on a work trip. A week long trip. Halfway through T's being gone, I entered my usual state of ambivalence about an l.o. who goes away. What's that state, you ask? How apropo of you! Well, see. When someone I'm dating leaves me, I get really sad the instant they leave (i.e., I detest 'good-bye's). Then once they're gone, I sort of, uhm, don't care? (The question mark is intentional.) It's not that I don't care, but I start to... move on... or, more to the point, worry that I won't like that person upon their return. I found myself calling T infrequently and being delinquent in returning T's calls and texts. Yes, I know I'm screwed up. I'm gladly accepting donations in order to visit a head doctor. Thanks! Anyway, T came back this Tuesday night, and everything was great.

I dropped it, And on the way I dropped it:

It being Fashion Week in New York, there are tons of parties and people in the City. Last Saturday night, I decided to get wasted with some of my best friends. Too many tequilas and Coronas later, I was meeting and talking to the likes of Naima (of America's Next Top Model fame), Fabian Basabe (aka Eyebrows) and, yes, Paris Hilton! Heh. I do not know any of these people, and my interaction with them was tangential and fleeting at best. But I was wasted and at an establishment where smoking indoors is permitted, so the interactions didn't seem shocking or weird at the time. Even in my drunken state I realized how goofball all of the aforementioned 'famous for being famous' personalities are. Thank you, alcohol.

A little girl picked it up, and put it in her pocket:

Yesterday was fun. My friend S took me to see this show. Great music, great clothes, hot models, and fashion magazine editors. Sweet. You know how much I love the models, so getting to go was good fun. Highlights included seeing Leanne Rhymes, Andrea Leon Talley, and watching one of my favorite models trip on the runway (schadenfreude!).

OK, have to back to work now. Thank god that stupid group photo with Cynthia Nixon is no longer at the head of Droneville. Gooh.